Women's Health

Belair Medical has experience and expertise in Women’s Health. At each stage of life, women have specific health concerns. Our Women’s Health team, comprising Women’s Health GPs, and allied health professionals, have an holistic approach and are keen to support your physical and mental health and wellbeing through different life stages. 

Our team

Dr Helen Roxburgh

Dr Brada Shimmin

Dr Elizabeth Harvey

Dr Alice Roberts-Thomson

Dr Emily Roxburgh

Ms Vicki Rutter

Women’s health physiotherapist

Women's Health at Belair Medical

Our women’s health team can help you with a range of services including cervical screening, breast checks, antenatal shared care, menopause plus many other services.

Our full list of services can be found below.


Antenatal Shared Care

All our Women’s Health GP’s are accredited for Obstetric Shared Care. Supporting these GPs to provide you with quality antenatal care are women’s health physiotherapist, and lactation consultant.

Postnatal Care

The postnatal period can be overwhelming. The women’s health team at Belair Medical (GPs, lactation consultant, and physiotherapist) is keen to support you through this time Having children – the good the bad and the ugly!!  Our GP’s and allied health professionals are here to support you through the ups and down’s of parenting.


Dr Helen Roxburgh has a particular interest in menopause. …and beyond. All our GPs can help with issues that occur with aging with support as needed from our allied health care professionals.

Women’s Health checks

Including cervical screening, breast checks and lifestyle advice.


Oral contraceptive pill, Depo Provera, implanon insertion/removal, mirena insertion/removal.

Pelvic floor issues

Including stress incontinence and prolapse.

Pre-conception counselling

Women’s Health Useful Links

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